28.05 – 27.11 2016

Biennale of Architecture

Reporting from the front


Alejandro Aravena


Venice, Italy



Efforts to improve the quality of the built environment have to act on many fronts: from the guarantee of very practical and concrete living standards, to the interpretation and satisfaction of human desires, from respect for the individual to care for the common good, from efficiency in welcoming daily activities to the expansion of the boundaries of civilization.

‘REPORTING FROM THE FRONT therefore proposes to share with a wider audience the work of people looking ahead to find new areas of action, addressing issues such as segregation, inequalities, suburbs, access to sanitation, natural disasters, housing shortages, migration, informality, crime, trafficking, waste, pollution and community participation. He also proposes to present examples of synthesis of the different dimensions, where the pragmatic intertwines with the existential, the relevance with the audacity, the creativity with common sense.»

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Valerie Dicker

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